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NRGT Signature

Introducing NRGT Signature, the pinnacle of battery technology, offering a perfect blend of high performance and rugged durability. Representing the latest innovation from Luminous Cadre, the NRGT Signature battery line stands as the epitome of excellence, enclosed in a robust and aesthetically pleasing container that ensures not only enhanced safety but also superior performance under the most extreme circumstances. Designed to provide longer backup with quick charging capabilities and minimal maintenance requirements, this battery line guarantees reliability and peace of mind for users. NRGT Signature batteries feature special alloy spines and HADI high-pressure die casting for remarkable corrosion resistance and defect-free casting.
  • Armor Design Rugged Casing

  • Unique Top-Up Tray Design

  • Ultra High-Density UHD (LMax) Paste

  • Environment Friendly and Safe

  • Special Alloy Spines

  • Easy Maintenance with Level Indicators