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Volt Charge

Volt Charge is the most valuable choice for uninterrupted power supply and low maintenance. Luminous tall tubular batteries promise an uninterrupted supply of power for long hours, making them the perfect solution for areas with frequent power cuts. Designed to meet frequent deep discharges, these batteries ensure reliable performance even during extended outages. With their easy maintenance features, such as level indicators, users can conveniently monitor the battery's status. The rugged container construction enhances their durability and longevity, while the high-grade separator reduces electrical resistance, ensuring efficient charging. Moreover, the tall tubular containers store more electrolytes, minimizing the need for frequent water topping and making them a hassle-free power backup option.
  • Tall Tubular Containers

  • High-Grade Separator

  • HADI Spine Casting

  • Enhanced Plate Design

  • Optimally Porous Ceramic Level Indicators

  • Environment Friendly